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Game Notes

9/10/05 Florence Tide 3 -

Cherry Hill Stars 2

Florence Tide Wins Opener on the Road

The Florence Tide won their season opener 3 - 2 by defeating the Cherry Hill Stars on the road at DeCou Field.    It was a good test for the Tide as they pretty much controlled play.  The Tide couldn't finish their shots however on the numerous scoring opportunities and the Stars were tenacious, which made the score a lot closer then it should have been.  Cayla Bercaw led the Tide attack with two goals assisted by Alyssa Mitchell, Amy Mills, Kelsey kapica and Amanda Lutz.  Lorraine Perri notched the game winner midway through the second half assisted by Brigitte Pastore.  In goal for the Tide were Angela Federico and Cori-Lynn Cubberley; they came up big on numerous occasions to preserve the win.

9/17/05 Florence Tide 1 -

Princeton Lightning 0

Florence Tide Battles to Victory

The Florence Tide won their season home opener 1 - 0 by defeating the Princeton Lightning at Marter Field.    It was a hot, muggy day and the Tide played with only two subs while the Lightning had five subs.  The Tide came out flat with the Lightning controlling play for the first ten minutes but the Tide defense wouldn't allow a clean shot.   As the game wore on the Tide got stronger and seemed to control play.  They were aggressive and had numerous scoring opportunities.  The Tide finally broke through with the game's only goal late in the first half as Alex Fantozzi drilled an 18 yard shot in the corner of the net off of a corner kick by Meghan Mount.  Amanda Lutz, who played sweeper, was stellar on the defensive-end as she constantly stopped the Lightning attack with her aggressive style.  In goal for the Tide to preserve the shutout were Angela Federico and Lorraine Perri.

9/24/05 Florence Tide 2 -

Egg Harbor Twp. Hot Shots 0

Florence Tide Remains Undefeated

The Florence Tide continued their winning ways by defeating the Egg Harbor Twp. Hot Shots, 2 - 0.    The Tide looked flat at times but they still were able to control the flow of the game with their aggressive style. They finally broke through with their first goal 13 minutes into the first half as Cori-Lynn Cubberley nailed a 30-yard shot over the goalie's head, which was assisted by Lorraine Perri as her cross was deflected by an Egg Harbor defender.  Eleven minutes into the second half the Tide tallied again as Jean Oros knocked in a rebound off of Cayla Bercaw's hard shot.  The defense played hard and aggressive limiting Egg Harbor to four shots the entire game.  In goal for the Tide to preserve the shutout were Cayla Bercaw and Cori-Lynn Cubberley.

10/1/05 Florence Tide 2 -

Audubon 1

Tide wins battle of unbeatens

The first place Florence Tide (4-0-0) remained unbeaten by defeating the previously unbeaten Audubon TBD (2-1-1), 2 - 1 at Audubon High School.    The game was played on a field that was loaded with stones, rocks and broken glass; and, the one end had the entire dirt infield of a softball field.  However, the field didn't slow down the Tide as they controlled the flow of the game with their aggressive style.  Marney Kirby opened the scoring five minutes into the game assisted by Alyssa Mitchell to the give the Tide the early lead.  However, late in the first half Audubon tied the score.  Midway through the second half Lorraine Perri crossed the ball into Audubon's goal area where Brigitte Pastore nailed home the game winner as her shot deflected off of an Audubon player.  As in the previous game, the defense played hard and aggressive limiting Audubon to four shots the entire game.  In goal for the Tide was Lorraine Perri and Cayla Bercaw.

10/22/05 Florence Tide 2 -

Cherry Hill Stars 0

Tide muddles to victory

The first place Florence Tide remained unbeaten by defeating the Cherry Hill Stars, 2 - 0 at Marter Field.    The game was played in tough conditions - steady rain and a muddy field.  However, the elements didn't slow down the Tide as they controlled the flow of the game with precision passing and aggressive play.  Alex Fantozzi tallied the first of her two goals in the first half as she directed Lorraine Perri's throw-in into the corner of the Stars' goal.  In the second half, Angela Federico sent a long through ball to Mandi Barone that was challenged by the Stars' goalie.  A collision ensued but Mandi was able to deflect the ball to a wide open Alex as she scored the Tide's final goal of the game.  As in the previous games, the defense played hard and aggressive recording their third shutout of the season.  In goal for the Tide were Angela Federico and Cayla Bercaw.

10/29/05 Florence Tide 3 -

Princeton Lightning 1

Tide Remains Undefeated

The Tide remained unbeaten by defeating the Princeton Lightning, 3 - 1 in beautiful Princeton, NJ.    The Tide experienced their first opportunity to play on an outdoor artificial surface, and the field is one of the largest in the SJGSL -  120 yards by 70 yards.  In the first half, the Tide looked a bit sluggish as they were trying to adjust to the surface and large field, and actually trailed for the first time this season, 1 - 0 at half time.  But, in the second half the Tide made some nice adjustments and dominated play.  Lorraine Perri scored the equalizer as a collision ensued between the Princeton Goalie and Lorraine as she was flipped into the goal post injuring her ankle.  However, she recovered quickly and was able to re-enter the game.  Her goal was assisted by Angela Federico and Alex Fantozzi.  The second goal was scored by Alex assisted by Alyssa Mitchell and Cayla Bercaw.  And, the Tide's final goal was scored by Cayla Bercaw assisted by Lorraine and Marney Kirby.  In goal for the Tide were Lorraine and Cori-Lynn Cubberley.

11/5/05 Florence Tide 4 -

Egg Harbor Twp. Hot Shots 1

Tide are solid in victory

The first place Florence Tide remained unbeaten by defeating the Egg Harbor Twp. Hotshots, 4 - 1.  The Tide controlled the flow of the game from start to finish with their aggressive style and precision passing.  Alex Fantozzi scored two first half goals assisted by Amanda Lutz and Cori-Lynn Cubberley to give the Tide a 2 - 0 halftime lead.  However, early in the second half the Hotshots finally scored with their first shot of the game to make it 2 - 1.  But, the Tide rebounded to score two more goals by Angela Federico and Cayla Bercaw assisted by Lorraine Perri, Alex, and Cori-Lynn to seal the victory.  As in the previous game, the defense played hard and aggressive limiting Egg Harbor to two shots the entire game.  In goal for the Tide were Angela and Krista Brandle.

11/12/05 Florence Tide 1 -

Audubon 1

Tide Clinch Conference Title


The first place Florence Tide remained unbeaten and have clinched the conference title by tying the Audubon TBD, 1 - 1.  The Tide and TBD battled from start to finish as the two top teams in the conference were relentless as both defenses controlled the flow of the game.  The Tide struck early as Alexandria Fantozzi scored, but Audubon rebounded quickly to tie the game.  In goal for the Tide were Cori-Lynn Cubberley and Krista Brandle. 

11/17/05 Florence Tide 5 -

Haddonfield Red Bulldawgs 1

Tide win again in frigid temperatures


The Florence Tide continue to roll as they defeated the Haddonfield Red Bulldawgs, 5 - 1.  The game was played under lights at Florence's Veterans Field, and it was bitterly cold.  But, the Tide stayed warm by playing hard and aggressive.  The coldest players on the field had to be the Tide goalies, Cayla and Lorraine, as they each handled limited shots.  Four of the Tide goals were scored by Cayla (2), Alex, and Angela.  The team lost track of who scored the "phantom" 5th goal. The goals were assisted by Krista, Kelsey, Meghan, Cori-Lynn, and Lorraine.

11/19/05 Florence Tide 1 -

Haddonfield Red Bulldawgs 0

Final game was not played


The Haddonfield Red Bulldawgs forfeited the final game of the season due to a shortage of players.



Directions/Home Games:  Directions to away games will be distributed prior to each game; we will normally caravan from WAWA Rt. 130.  HOME games are to be played @ Upper Marter Field. Arrive at each game at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.


Dress Code:  NO metal/plastic hair bands, earrings, or jewelry of any kind may be worn during games.  NO makeup or long finger nails.  Also, NO hooded sweatshirts may be worn either under or over the team jersey.  Regular sweatshirts or thermals are permitted.  In cold, inclement weather sweatpants may be worn over team shorts; however, they must be black or dark blue with NO exposed zippers, buttons, or snaps. Jerseys will be worn tucked into shorts at all times.


IMPORTANT Wear your Yellow Jersey, Adidas Blue Shorts with Yellow trim and solid Yellow Socks for ALL games (we will advise you of when to wear the Sleeveless Blue Jersey...usually during hot weather).


Sideline Conduct:  During games keep sideline comments restricted to general words of encouragement.  Parents yelling directions teaches players to listen to parents instead of paying attention to the game. Fines and/or other sanctions may be imposed on coaches if any abusive language or comments are made from the sideline.


Positive Remarks:  Parents...please stress to children that only POSITIVE remarks should be made to teammates and to opposing players, coaches, referees, and adults.  NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!


Missing Games:  Please let us know as far in advance as possible when you can not make a game.  Please call even if it is a last minute issue.  Knowing who is coming in advance makes a big difference in our being able to be prepared for games.


Practices:  We will have at least one practice per week (Tues. and/or Thurs. @ 6:00 PM @ a field to be determined).  PLEASE TELL US IF YOU CANíT MAKE A PRACTICE. WE EXPECT EVERY PLAYER TO ATTEND PRACTICES.

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